Rica is an Italian cosmetic company operating in the Haircare and Bodycare industry since 1994 and present in more than 60 countries worldwide . Present in more than 60 countries worldwide, Rica is now an international company competing in a vast range of markets, where we have achieved an enviable position in the cosmetic and professional sectors.

The Advantages of using Rica Wax are Superior Hair Removal, Less Pain, Gentle and Nourishing, Tanning removal, Anti-inflammatory. Rica gives you the opportunity to Choose the Wax According To The Skin Type, by offering waxes for –

  • Normal Skins – Titanium, Chlorophyll, Lemon
  • Dry Skin – White Chocolate, Strawberry
  • Very Dry Skin – Olive Oil, Coconut
  • Sensitive Skin – Honey, Azulene, Milk, Aloe Vera, Green Apple
  • Brazilian Line – Avocado Wax
  • Luxury Line – Golden, Pearl
  • Relaxing Line – Talcum


Pre & Post Waxing Products

Lipo-soluble Waxes

Wax and Refill Heaters