Casmara Facial Range

CASMARA is a dermo-cosmetic laboratory of high prestige, present in the best beauty salons, medical clinics and SPAs. They  offer UNIQUE facial and body solutions with innovative compositions, exclusive ingredients, exquisite textures and perfumes.
Treatments adapted to you, in each stage of your life. Casmara is a Pioneer in active ingredients. Inventors of the Peel Off Mask and the monodose system.


Casmara masks supply vitamins , anti-wrinkle effect, elasticity boost, powerful firming action and nourish the most delicate areas of the skin with exclusive and patented application method on eyes and lips, acts directly where it is needed most.Casmara specialises in monodose treatments which offer authentic personalised plans to beauty.

  • Goji Treatment – Nourishing treatment. All skin type. Prevents pre-mature ageing. Antioxidant. It also has the home care range comprising of Hydro Goji, Nutri Goji, Goji Complex.
  • Shinestop Treatment – Treatment for oily (shiny) skins. Acneic skin. Open pores. Anti-ageing properties. It also has the home care range comprising of Shinestop hydrmatt cream, Shinestop selective oil balance, Shinestop control age matt cream.
  • Nacar Treatment– Lightening and Clarifying treatment , Pigmentation treatment.
  • Sebocontrol- Drying effect on pimples. Antiseptic properties that regulates the oily secretion.
  • Eye Correct- Prevents dark circles, Eyebags, Puffy eyes, Crow Feet.

Facial Cleansers (Premium Quality Facial Cleansers)

Balancing all-purpose Cleanser 500 mlCleansing Gel multifunction with Goji Fruit Extract, Omega 3-6 and unique antioxidants. Unisex formula, including eyes. For all skin type and age, at any time of year.Balancing function, protecting the natural skin flora.Clean and hydrated skin.

 Balance 500 ml
Delicate 150 mlHydrating and extra soft gel cleanser, for sensitive skins, with exclusively natural ingredients. Unisex formula, including eyes. For all ages, at any time of year.Cleansing gel containing natural surfactants (soap-like substances) with cleansing and make-up removing properties.Clean and hydrated skin. Rgnerin 3 action
Shinestop Dermo purifying Cleanser 150 ml Dermopurifying gel cleanser for mixed and oily skin, with a tendency towards im-purities. Avoid eye contact. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year.Deep cleansing and correction of the oil excess.Clean and normalized skin.  Shinestopdermro

                                     Nature Ampoules


Hidrix (4ml x 5pc)HydratingIndications : Dry dehydrated skins.Minerals and Amino Acids: protect and hydrate the skin, balance the metabolism.
Stabilizer (4ml x 5pc)Sensitive SkinIndications : Sensitive, delicate, read and easily irritated skins with tendency through couperose.Licorice : anti-irritant and emollient, Allantoin : helps sooothe skin irritation.Oat milk : anti inflammatory vitaminic and stimulating effects.
Energetic (4ml x 5pc)Anti WrinklesIndications : Matured, fatigued and wrinkled skins.Wheat extract : stimulates the natural process of skin tissue reconstruction.Oat proteins : regenerating and repairing actions.
Equilibrium (4ml x 5pc)Oily and combination skinIndications : Oily, flaky with acne. Oil-free.Amino Acids and hydrolyzed collagen: Hydrating effect.Mallow Extract : Hydration and elasticity.
Repair (4ml x 5pc)Damaged and matured skinIndications : For skins that need a deep repairing action. Very suitable after abrasive peelings.Wheat extract : stimulates the natural process of skin tissue reconstruction.Lupin Peptids : repairs the extra cellular matrix.Algae extract : enhances the skin’s protein network.
Elastin (4ml x 5pc)Firming and liftingIndications : Indicated to treat pre-mature ageing of the skin, wrinkles and loss of elasticity.Mallow extract : supplies vitamins A, C and E.Vitamin A : regulates the normal skin developmentVitamin C : preserves the tissue elasticity.Vitamin E : antioxidant
Hyal Complex (4ml x 5pc)Flash Glow with Wrinkle Filler Indications : All skin types, very useful after peelings and for men as an after shave treatment to prevent dehydration.Epidermosil : moisturize with an effect similar to retinolBashyal : deep moisturizerBetagel : hydrating gel

Casmara Masks

 Casmara Mask -2020
Reaffirming 2020 

Mask especially indicated for mixed and oily skins, with dilated pores or acne. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year. 

 Casmara Mask -2025






Mask for all skin types, especially indicated after stimulating treatments and the use of cosmetic equipment. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year. 

 Casmara Mask -2030

VitaminVMask 2030





Energizing mask for any skin type and age, especially indicated in combination with antiwrinkle and clarifying treatments. Unisex formula, can be used any time of year 

 Casmara Mask -2040
SensitiveMask 2040 


Soothing mask for sensitive skins and skins with couperose. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year. 

 Casmara Mask -2045


Mask for all skin types, especially in case of dehydrated skin. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year. High content in humectants.  

 Casmara Mask -2050

GreenTea 2050





Mask for all skin types, especially fatigued or damaged skins. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year.  

 Casmara Mask -2055
Regenerin 2055 


Regenerating mask for all skin types, including delicate and sensitive skins. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year. Especially indicated after exfoliating treatments.  

 Casmara Mask -2060
re6tense_mask 2060





Firming mask for all skin types, especially skins showing signs of flaccidity. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year. 

 Casmara Mask -2070






Mask specially recommended to treat the first signs of ageing and make the skin healthy with a youthful appearance. 

 Casmara Mask -2080


A Facial Mask for all skin types consisting of, MINERALS, and SEAWEED EXTRACT. This Combination of active ingredients makes the Gold Mask unique.  


Casmara Broucher